Local event: Greece (Athens)

🎯 Today Laboratory of Adapted Physical Activity/Developmental & Physical Disabilities (APALab) of NKUA realized the Swim your way Local Dessimination Event in Athens, Greece. During the event Δήμητρα Κουτσούκη, Καθηγήτρια ΕΚΠΑ/Dimitra Koutsouki Professor NKUA presented the Erasmus+ Programme, the Swim your way project and its deliverable products.

📕Leaflets and the guide manual were distributed to all partcipants.🙏We want to thank all the participants in this event, 3 December 2021, which is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities; 3 December‼️🙏

We thank the chairman Δημήτριος Στεφανίδης and the vice-chairman Panagiotis Stefanidis of the day care center “Panagia Evaggelistria” (Σωματείο Αποκατάστασης και Ειδικής Αγωγής ΑμεΑ ” Παναγία Ευαγγελίστρια”) for their hospitality, the municipal authorities, and the university students of the specialization «Special Physical Education»‼️👉All measures regarding the spread of Covid-19 were respected.

@Laboratory of Adapted Physical ActivityDimitra Koutsouki, Katerina Asonitou, Sophia Charitou, Marinos Koskinas, Ifiyenia Koskina, Ifiyenia Koskina Fitness & Pilates, Anna Galaiou, Dimitra Mitsiou, @ThomasNikodelis Εργαστήριο Κινητικών και Αναπτυξιακών ΔιαταραχώνΠανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών – University of AthensFaculty of P.E. and Sport Science at National and Kapodistrian University #socialinclusion #swimming #Αστερίας #swimmingchallenge #swimmingwarriors #inclusion #inclusionmatters #inclusivesport #ErasmusPlus #erasmus #totalaccess #tefaa #apalab #news #December #SwimYourWay #erasmusplussport #inclusivesport #disability

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