About the project

Swim your way is an Erasmus+ sport supported small collaborative partnership carried out by five organizations from Greece, Italy, Romania and Slovenia. The partnership involves organisations operating in different areas, with different yet complementary competences, specifically, two Universities, two swimming clubs and a nonprofit association. 

The project is focused on children with disabilities who are often prevented from taking part fully in society because of environmental and attitudinal barriers. People with disabilities are limited in opportunities to be as physically active as people without a disability. Therefore the aim of this project is to create a well-structured Guide on how to teach swimming to children with disabilities according to their differing needs, so that they can have full access to sports activities, which is in line with the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020.

For this purpose, through the realisation of three workshops, four specific categories of disability will be selected from the available participants at each partner association. Each partner will design and perform a series of swimming lessons adapted to its assigned disability group’s needs, apart from the nonprofit association. At the end, all the “things that work best” in the teaching process will be included in the Guide.

As physical activity, health and quality of life are interconnected, through this project people with disabilities will get more health and safety benefits since teaching them how to swim is the best way to protect them if they find themselves accidentally in the water. Moreover, the project will raise social awareness, promote their social inclusion, boost their confidence and develop their social skills.

The Guide will be offered as an Open Educational Resource to other professionals of  the sport, swimming instructors, teachers and trainers and it is expected to have a cross sectional long term positive effect to the adapted swimming area, helping people with disabilities to participate in swimming.